About Me


Adventure, yes please

Well first of all welcome to my blog. I will host you during your journey through my stories. So you should relax, be ready to laugh and enjoy. Travel starts now.

You are probably asking yourself by now, who is this girl? I can tell you that this girl is from beautiful city of Novi Sad in Serbia. My name is Ivana, like many other girls in my country. But this Ivana is a bit different than the other girls.

My love for traveling started early on, when I had a chance to join my parents and explore the neighboring countries. After that I went to study in the USA. It was a big challenge for a 18 year old to move to another continent but it worked out well. It made me become fearless and to travel alone for the first time.

Adventure continued when I started doing volunteering. I had a chance to participate in many projects in different European countries and after I did one year EVS in Germany.

Another passion that I have are foreign languages. I speak English, Spanish and German. I am also trying to learn Italian, Swedish and Turkish. Serbian language is very interesting to foreigners and it is always funny for me how other people perceive it like we are fighting while we speak. I am also working part time as a teacher to Asian students.

I am also a student again. I studied Psychology before and now I study Political Science. I love working with people.

Countries that I visited so far: Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia, Greece, Romania, Turkey, Hungary, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, Sweden, Spain, Italy, France, USA, Sri Lanka and I am sure some others but I can't remember now. Typical me.

In general I like sports, tennis and football are my favorite. I like watching movies, learning about history, exploring, writing, reading books and of course traveling.

I think I made you sleepy with all this info, but now after this small input you are ready to check my stories and to get useful tips if the road takes you to the same places.

Next Steps...

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